Thursday, 26 January 2017

#Veganuary #DryJanuary are OVER

So as some people know I have been doing the Dry January (no alcohol!) and #Veganuary (my own modified version I couldnt go from eating no fruit and veg to vegan like that so I did veggie January and allowed myself tuna and diary instead)

However today was my last day of the challenge - yes I am finishing early - because tomorrow I fly to Benidorm to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday and I have no idea what the food is like but I am all inclusive  so will be enjoying it!

However I have learnt a lot from doing these 2 challenges:

1. I have a lot more energy and am sleeping better

2. I havent lost weight - dammit! But  my digestive system seems a lot healthier (dont worry I'm not about to describe my poo to you!)

3. I actually like vegetarian food - okay I am still not sold on vegetables in general but I actually like quorn burgers, linda mcartney veggie sausages, sausage rolls, pulled pork burgers and so on. I also really like vegetarian chili, pasta and curry. I've eaten  lot of things I wouldnt ordinarily eat and cooked more - today I ate quinoa - seriously me eating quinoa is like Trump hugging a Mexican! 

4. I've saved money - because I have been making my lunches for work I have saved a fair amount of money despite the initial outlay on the food shopping I still saved!

5. My blood glucose control has been better, I have been drinking a lot less fizzy drinks and a lot more water.

6. I've been in a better mood - this might be because I have slept more and have more energy but overall feel good levels are high!

So I m not going to continue with the challenges - but I am going to try and keep 4-5 meat free days a week - and keep the processed foods down.

With regards to drinking I am not a big drinker anyways so dry January wasn't a massive challenge for me.

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