Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year - Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year :)

So today is a brand new year - goodbye 2016 hello 2017!

I have big plans for this year:

1. Lose weight / get healthier - okay I say this every year and last year I wasn't very successful I didn't lose weight but  did drop  a single dress size :/ but I did get healthier in that my diabetic control was the best it has ever been since I was first diagnosed back in 2002! This year to kick start the whole thing I am taking part in veganuary (or rather veggieanuary as going vegan is too much of a system shock for me!) I'm not good at eating veggies so this will be interesting but hopefully it will help put me on the right track for the rest of the year. I think if I eat more veggies then I will eat less other stuff so hopefully s well as being better for me it's going to help with weight loss! Also going to be back to weight training - I really enjoyed it but it fell by the way side a bit through Nov/Dec. I have my own small weights at home now so I can keep on top of it and hopefully will be back to the gym from Feb onwards. Fit not Thin #GOALS

2. Save money - again another yearly goal which I never really achieve - this year I will finally be debt free - I started off at the end of 2013 owing over £13k in loans, credit cards, overdrafts, store cards etc I set up a DMP and have been paying it off and this year is the year when I finally pay it all off - okay my credit is like poop but I've paid off over £11k in 3 years and started off with around 8 companies I owed and now there is just 1 left to pay! It should be completely cleared by July - go me! I plan to put the money I would have used for the bills into my savings account. I want to move into my own place at the end of 2017 so I will need money for a bond, for the first couple of months rent, for furniture and so on although I will prob get the furniture second hand for cheap or free from freecycle and then just replace it as I can when I am able to save the money for it.

3. Sort the blog out - last year I got really lazy with the blog - 2015 I blogged a lot as I was doing a 365 day challenge - with the exception of the new layout and name I haven't done a huge amount this year. There are a few things I want to introduce and do:

- more info on comping and reviews and update the info I already have - this is going to be ongoing and my goal is going to be to do at least 1 post or page (update an old or new) a month - it's not a lot but it is achievable which is something I need to be realistic about - working full time plus family commitments doesn't give me a huge amount of free time.

- #Project52 - A photo project for me - 1 photo a week for a year to sum up my week :) Will run this on my instagram account / twitter / facebook and with a mini-blogpost

- #PostPost- A new weekly post to replace the freebies/reviews/wins pages - I plan on putting up a post once a week with all the items I receive in the mail - except bills - no-one wants to see my bills :D

- Random posts - I am going to hopefully update the blog with 2 posts a week with the #Project52 and #PostPost which will be regular posts but that doesn't mean I can't post my usual random crap - in fact I think my random posts are prob more fun for me anyways as I get to have verbal or rather typed verbal diarrhea all over the blog page (nice mental image isn't it!)

4. Dating - yes I am totally going to get myself a new partner this year - or at the very least try not to be such a complete douchbag that I remain single! I've signed up to an online dating site so will be sure to share my 'wonderful' haha experiences with it and who knows next year I might actually celebrate the new year as a couple rather than singleton? (although prob not)

So that's my goals for 2017 - I think they are achievable :)

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