Sunday, 15 January 2017

#PostPost Week 2

This week has seen some nice bits and pieces arrive in my post :)

1. A sweary cushion cover - got this from vipon for £1 :) Will make an awesome birthday gift for my big sister

2. Bayliss and Harding Star gift set - won this from Mojo Mums - will be donating it to my works raffle later in the year as they are raising funds for the Welsh Air Ambulance

3. 2 fabulous educational pop up and interactive books - won these from walker books - they are going to be put away ready for H for her birthday in August (yes I am the sucky relative who gives books or every birthday and special occasion - I cant help it I love books and really want H and D to learn to enjoy reading - hopefully starting them young will bring them a lifetime of joy - it worked for me!)

4. A little make up organiser - again from vipon for £1 - I dont actually have a tonne of makeup mainly because I cant put it on myself ha! but this will be great for storing the bits I do have an it will look super cute on my desk too - its a win win

5. Some Socks - again from vipon at a massive cost of like 3p (seriously!) - I'm going to be putting these in with my nieces birthday pressie bundle for Feb

6. Light up kitty ear headphones - from vipon - quite pricey for me I actually paid just under £10 for them but I wanted some new headphones and these really appealed to me

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