Saturday, 21 January 2017

Happiness is....

I'm feeling pretty damn happy today.

Reason number 1:

Just bought myself a unicorn head - I seriously defy anyone to be miserable when they have a glittery unicorn head to mount on their wall! I saw a post about them on FB and was like you know what's missing in my life? a Unicorn head! They are on sale in Home Bargains for £6.99 but have pretty much sold out everywhere - I managed to get the very last one in the shop :) I tried getting another one for a friend but the woman told me they had sold out completely - and had in fact sold over 100 of them in the last 24 hours!

Reason number 2:

Hit the Matalan clearance outlet today - I am pretty luck I live like a 20 min drive from one of only 5 of these clearance stores in the UK and OMG the bargains! So I got some black tidy jeans for work (not skinny fit cos I am going to be attending conferences and shit and my skinnies are not considered to be smart casual - neither are my irregular choice light up unicorn trainers) and some black trainers for my trip to Benidorm for £3 each - seriously! I mean I couldn't get those for that second hand! I also got a couple of tops for work - I basically spent £15 for over £60 worth of stuff that's 75% off - bargalicious!

Irregular Choice Light Up Unicorn Trainers - not suitable for work but I wear them anyways :)

Reason number 3:

Finalised the design for my next tattoo - I am super excited after umming and ahhing I am going with a Cheshire cat design with him sat in a tree and danging from the tree different playing cards - it's going to be amazing - I kinda borrowed the design from deviant art but am switching it up slightly as the design has a non Disney version of the Cheshire cat and I want the original Disney version.

Reason number 4:

Got tickets to go see La Cage Aux Folles - it's a musical based on a couple of flamboyant gay guys - one of whom is a drag queen who have to become more "normal" as the ones son is marrying a straight laced uber religious politicians  daughter - chaos ensues - the film was out in the 90s and based on the original French production. I haven't seen the actual theatre show of it so am really looking forward to it. I had to pay £4 deposit for the tickets but the actual tickets are free - they cost up to £45 each normally to buy from the theatre - but we get to go for pretty much free for opening night so we can provide feedback on the show. I'm taking my mum - I am in work before hand but I finish at 4pm and the show isn't until 7.30 so I thought I'd meet her before the show and we can go for  meal before heading out to the theatre

Reason number 5:

I've been doing veggie-january kinda like veganuary but not so strict - basically just gone meat free (although still eating fish) and I realised today that I have actually dont really well - 3 weeks of eating pretty healthily - it's a big deal for me to eat fruit and veg I am not good at it - I eat a lot of processed micro crap and much as I hate to admit it - I used to get mocked in my old work place for it - I tend to eat mainly beige coloured foods! I will be back on the meat next weekend as I will be in Benidorm for my dad's 60th birthday but I am going to continue with it and have 3 or 4 days a week where I skip meat.

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