Tuesday, 10 January 2017


So I have had quite bad toothache for  few days and finally went to the emergency dentist yesterday - he gave me an anesthetic and removed my old filing - then he pack the tooth with some anti-inflammatory and anti-biotics and capped it with a temporary filling and told me I need a root canal long term.

I don't have an actual dentist as getting one on the NHS seems harder than winning the lotto but someone told me that one near my sister was taking on NHS patients and feeling brave and still numb from the anesthetic I called and got an appointment for an initial check up in a couple of weeks.

Fast forward a couple of hours and my mouth was no longer numb - in fact I was in agony (still am) my cheek is swollen, my cheekbone, eye socket and jaw all hurt along with the tooth! Eating anything other than yoghurt and soup is a no go and cleaning my teeth is like someone sticking sharp needles into my eye balls - actually that would be preferable!

I had to call in sick to work today which I didn't want to do but after being awake pretty much all night there is no way I would be able to function and not cock up.

Overall right now I am feeling pretty damn sorry for myself!

So I am off to cwtch up with my hot water bottle and dose myself on pain killers and hope that it starts to ease off soon!

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