Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Veganuary & Dry January

Is anyone else doing Veganuary?

I am doing Veggie-uary - I do not eat enough fruit and veggies and am often found slumped in front of the telly with a kebab or indian that I have had delivered - I dont eat a whole lot of fruit and veggies so I thought this would be a good challenge for me for the new year.

Whilst I would love to go the whole hog and actually do veganuary I just know that I would completely fail at it so the compromise is at least achievable for me (see I did learn something from my PADR - SMART goal setting!).

So far so good - breakfast has been porridge or fromage froi and fruit, lunch instant veggie cuppa soup with a pack of crisps for a snack and dinner veggie pasta, veggie curry, veggies sausages and sweet potato fries and cheese, sweetcorn and pineapple pizza.

I dont think my body is a huge fan of this diet change though!

First day back at work yesterday and I came home with a giant headache and an even bigger ZIT!!! I never get zits :( I mean I may have been the short ugly fat weirdo in school but my skin was always flawless!

Today I noticed I have another zit coming on my chin :( and again I came home with a headache :(

My friend is a veggie and she has told me to stick with it - apparently after a few days of hell my skin will become clear and the headaches will go - she insists this is my body detoxing itself from the processed crap I have been eating over Christmas and the copious amounts of alcohol - and she may well be right but damn I hope my body kicks itself into gear and sorts this!

For the last 2 nights I have been meaning to pop to the supermarket to buy some fresh veggies and fruit to go in my juicer/smoothie maker to get myself a kick ass start to the day fresh fruit drink but because I have had a headache all I have done is come home,nap, and watch tv which is really not great - tomorrow I dont care if I have a crater on my chin and someone playing the bongos in my head I am heading to get the fresh fruit and veggies.

I'm also doing dry January - not that I am generally a massive every day drinker but I do tend to binge drink when I go out which is not that often maybe 1-2 times a month. The dry January is a lot easier than veggie is!

The real challenge is going to be at the end of the month. It's my dad's 60th Birthday on 28th January and I am heading to Benidorm for his birthday weekend - staying all inclusive. The veggie options are very limited according to my dad (he goes to the same place every year for a couple of months over the winter) so I may have to stop my plan for that weekend and extend it into Feb for an extra week instead.

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