Saturday, 21 January 2017

#PostPost Week 3

Week 3 of January :)

This week I had a few bits and pieces arrive mostly review bits from vipon

1. A set of 10 chokers from vipon - these are pretty cool lots of different styles - I'm going to give a couple to my niece in her birthday bundle and keep a few for me - they are very Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque!

2. Tree of Life costume jewellery from Vipon - this is going to my big sis for her birthday she will love it and s a natural red head the colour will match her very well

3. Jangly coin anklet from vipon - finally something for me :) will be wearing this on my hols with some sparkly sandals

4. Jewellery making beads from vipon - these are going to my mum - she makes jewellery for a hobby - it can be expensive but this great little bundle of beads was only £1.25

5. pack of 12 lip liners from vipon (only 11 shown as my work colleague nabbed one when they arrived :D ) - again some of these will go into my nieces birthday bundle and I'll keep 1 or 2 to add to my make up stash too

6. WIN from Organix  - a little Goodies snack chest - had 2 packs of sweet biscuits, 1 pack of cheese crackers and 2 oaty bars plus a money off coupon - these went to my niece H

7. These super cute safety pin brooches came from vipon - they came in a pack of 10 - it would have been even better if they were all different designs! So far I have given away half of them - the remainder will go into gift bundles for the nieces and sisters

8. A cute sparkly blue and clear crystal bracelt (costume jewellery) from vipon - this is for my niece to go on our hols - she has an Elsa costume so it will match when we go out to Disney

9. Eyeshadow / Liner pencils - pack of 12 from vipon - another great addition to my make up stash in a rang of great colours

10. Freebie - some vaping juice

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