Sunday, 9 April 2017

Roller Derby

So for ages I have been interested in roller derby and wanting to go and see it and maybe even play it but I have never actually acted on that. I have so many feeble excuses why:

1. I'm too old
2. I'm unfit
3. I'm fat
4. I have no coordination skills
5. I'm shy

Well that's just a few of the main ones but I can keep going. 

Serendipitously (is that an actual word?) I met someone online who does roller derby or rather is training to do roller derby I'm not 100% sure on the terminology all I know is she refers to herself as fresh meat which means shes still a beginner and learning.

Anyways she invited me to go watch a scrim which is a match which was pretty awesome and she persuaded me I should totally go for the learn to skate lessons which are run by the Cardiff team. I've known about the lessons for like 6 months but have never actually gone - the whole rocking up somewhere on my own where there will be a bunch of people who all know each other and who all have skills way above me just doesn't appeal. 

However with encouragement I joined their learn to skate FB group and lurked.

I also got my gear (new skates shop worn from ebay for £25 and a helmet and pads from sportsdirect for £12 and £11) and was all prepped to go, but I kinda had in my mind I would build up my confidence and go in a few months.

It didn't really work out like that which is great as I attended my first learn to skate session on Thursday (my friend came with me to give me that little push to actually go).

The session was pretty scare for me I'm not gonna lie - I was right everyone there was thinner, fitter and better than me, but skating was fun and I did enjoy it although I was terrified of falling

In fact it wasn't as bad as I thought the first 3 falls weren't all that bad (ass, ass and knees) however the 4th fall was a killer! I literally boob planted on the right side. It was a whole new world of pain for me - I couldn't breathe, I saw stars, angels and flashing lights and then not wanting to look like a total wuss I got up and carried on but oh boy did I hurt - it was so hard to keep going and trying not to puke and / or cry! I even managed to finish the session doing 5 minutes of laps (to pass minimum skills you have to be able to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes - I managed 15 the least of anyone there of course!).

Following the session I could barely move my arm to drive home - yes I am a wuss and a drama queen but it genuinely was stiff and unmovable. I got home and managed to fall into a hot bath which helped a bit until I had to get out - then none of my limbs wanted to work. Sleep was not easy that night I had to sleep propped up and I kept waking up shaking.

After this I decided I wouldnt go back - clearly I am not made for roller derby but then someone said to me "People like you dont really do things like that do they?" I'm not sure what they meant by that - fat people, short people, weird people, socially awkward people, unfit people, old people - any of the above?

Anyways that statement made me say fuck you I will go back. So I dragged my ass back there today. I was terrified of falling, my arm still hurt along with my shoulder, my legs, my butt and my boob (which is also a lovey shade of vomit yellow). Today we worked on foot work which was easier  than skating in that less chance of me falling over yay. Once again I sucked at every aspect which is hard being the worst in any group sucks but I'm not going to get better, get fitter, get thinner, get stronger or in any way improve unless I go back and practice.

I am still finding it hard being with a group of people I dont know - although they seem nice I find it difficult to chat to them. I am not sure the person leading the sessions is particularly keen on having to babysit the total novice either and it cant be fun for the others in the group who are having to wait for me to do the most basic of things when they are so far ahead.

I'm going to go again on Thursday and hope I improve

Project 52 Weeks 13 & 14

So last Saturday I went to see a roller derby scrim. I've been interested in roller derby for a while but had never been to see it before. It was pretty awesome and just made me want to give it ago even more - did I mention that I have also wanted to try roller derby myself?

Anyways here are some photo's from the scrim (they didnt really turn out very well as I was distracted by trying to make sense of the game!) As there is so many of them they get to be week 13 and 14 (also because I havent taken any other pics really this week!)

#PostPost Weeks 13 and 14

I had some nice bits arrive in the post last couple of weeks :)

1. Review - company contacted me to ask me if I would like to review a watch for them :) well I wasn't going to say no

2. WIN - I won 1st place in the Works poetry day competition on facebook and the prize was £25 giftcard

3. Freebie - dentalife stick for Jac whoot

4. WIN - won these bad ass headphones over on twitter - they are super cool and super comfy too

5. WIN - surprise win in the post - always up for new reading materials

6. WIN - TrackR bravo - this is a bluetooth device you can attach to your belongings so you can find them

 7. Freebie - little sample of Dr Shea Coconut Butter :)

8. WIN - from Facebook - I'll prob give this away - faddy diets dont work for me

 9. WIN - won this on a blog - this is a chewymoon subscription box - I have a months worth of them - they will deliver a new one every week for 4 weeks whoop - so far H and D are not impressed but I quite enjoyed them