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As most people know back at the beginning of 2015 I started to get into comping, I have always done reviews (tripadvisor and so on). Whilst I am by no means an expert on either subject I thought I would put up some posts around both topics which will hopefully help out those interested in getting started and hope they will avoid the many scams out there too


Unfortunately as anyone who has dipped their toes into the world of both comping and reviewing there are plenty of sites out there who just want your details to spam you. I have put together a list spammy sites, how to spot them and how to try and reduce the amount of spam you get! Please note this isnt an exhaustive list.

Facebook SCAMS and FAKES

Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get into comping - nearly everyone has a facebook account from your granny to Virgin. Companies spend a lot of money on social media to increase their visibility, their following and showcase satisfied customers. However, because it is easy to do comps on FB then it's even easier for scammers to use FB as a way to scam you. I have listed the most common ones but if you hear of anymore and want to share please feel free to let me know

Facebook Comps

My guide to entering comps on Facebook - hopefully some people will find this useful especially if they are new to comping

E-mail Comp/Review Scams

A very basic guide to e-mail scams for competitions / reviews

How to Review items for Free or Cheap

Yes there are companies out there who will happily send you their item in return for your feedback for free or for a reduced rate. I have listed the companies I have worked with along with what you need to do to review for them. If you know of any other review sites please feel free to let me know.

Wins & Freebies 2016

A list of all my wins and freebies and product trials :D

Reviews 2016

A list of all my review items, the cost if any and links to the reviews

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