Thursday, 29 December 2016

An Update

Long time no entry :) so the last few weeks have been stupidly busy - I'll try to keep it brief :)

LeoCat - cat got sick - developed a large lump - paid out £200 or so on various vet bills and tests - lump went away by itself - cat back to normal - thanks cat for that - no seriously I am delighted he is well again I just wish he would not do this to me every time it's Christmas or I have a holiday to pay for!

Tattoos - one's fully healed the other is tking a lot longer - may or may not have had a slight reaction to the red ink - which is odd as it was fine on my ass! Next appointment booked for 2nd Feb - was going to get a Cheshire Cat - now I am not sure in case I am allergic to the red ink and the cat is rather pink - thinking of an Alice one instead

Holidays - booked for Orlando again - booked via Disney with my Disney tix and a good neighbour hotel as well - cost of around £600 per person without the flights(ouch) but it is for 3 weeks - flights out to be booked next month and return flights in Feb

Christmas - been and gone stupidly spoiled as always - thanks to family and friends for that :)

Comping - I haven't been doing any for a few weeks - time to recharge and rethink and so on - okay I admit I have done a few advent ones but have skipped lots of days

Works Xmas do - went well got drunk didnt completely embarrass myself although may have outted myself to the entire staff - oh well its not like I was hiding it!

Reviews - having some issues with amazon only allowing me to do like 5 reviews a day even though they are verified purchases - gah!!!

hmm let's see anything else?

Well had a couple of dates - they didnt go well - they were dumb and boring and I was probably creepy and weird haha - gonna try online dating but it's such a damn effort

Well thats it - all up to date with my rather boring life now :D

I have decided in the new year to -revamp the blog again and it's purpose :D Starting with a whats in my post blog of the week - I have let the recording of comp wins, freebies and reviews slide a bit so in order to stay on top I am going to do my mail/post of the week an I might even o it as a vlog - it depends on how much I can bear be on screen - also plan on doing more info on comping for newbies and updating my scam and spam info pages

Sunday, 4 December 2016

New tattoos

Got 2 new tattoo's on Friday done at Kat Demon Ink

I'm really pleased with them - they are still healing hence the slightly blurry look to them - they wont be properly healed and looking good for a couple of weeks but I think they are fab so far. The red marks on the left to the side and underneath the paws are from the bloodlines (the tattooist runs the needle across the skin without any ink in it so they can see how you react and also to let you know what it feels like - she did it twice on me as the wrist feels different to further up the arm - the marks will go once they heal - she only did it  on the one arm as I was getting both tattoos in the same place just on different arms).

My mum's really not keen on the tattoos lol she said she thought I was getting a tiny cat - I did point out it is tiny its like an inch and half long if that! But I think they will grow on her - well they will have to as they arent going anywhere :)

I have another appointment booked in January to go get a Cheshire Cat on my arm. Once it's done I am getting it over tattoo'd on the eyes and smile with UV ink and I can't wait.

Bath Christmas Market

Last Saturday I went with the girls from my old job to Bath Christmas Market.

We caught the train at 8.25 (eep) from Cardiff Central with an aim to be in Bath by 9.30 am so we could hit the market nice and early.

We started off our journey with croissants and jam and buck's fizz and yes  despite it being so early it went down rather well.

Things were going well as we pulled into Bristol a mere 15 or so minutes outside of Bath :)

But then things kinda came to a halt as their was signal failure between Bristol and Bath - no-one really knew anything so we were sat waiting on the train for ages. Eventually they told us that the train was returning to Cardiff so to get off!

The service from the train company was pretty shocking - no information - nothing said about replacement bus service or anything.

We eventually decided to get the bus between Bristol and Bath as time was getting on and we didn't want to waste the day.

We found out there the bus went from and joined a HUGE queue as the first bus left fully packed out. Whilst we were waiting for the next bus a replacement train service came around the corner (also packed) as we were at the back of the queue waiting for the bus we decided tried to get on the next replacement rail bus which had just pulled up. We all (all 13 of us) managed to squeeze onto the bus and finally make the last leg of the trip to Bath.

We got to Bath about 11.15 at which point it was manic crazy busy - like you couldnt walk around it was that crazy.

We split up into smaller groups and wandered off to look through the stalls - we agreed to meet at Turtle Bay where we had reservations for lunch at 1.45.

The market was lovely but so difficult to navigate through because it was so crazy busy. There were lots of lovely home made  products, some delicious food and drinks, plenty of entertainment and Bath itself was beautifully decorated.

The Abbey was doing carol services every hour or so and we popped into one of the services - I'm not very religious so to be honest I was going along for the comfy inside seats to finish off my ht mulled cider lol.

The service was nice  - some carols a brief christmas message and very chilled. Unlucky or us they were filming for Songs of Praise on that day and at one point the camera was focused straight on me - I am truly hoping and praying that I am not going to be shown on Songs of Praise today following this - it would do nothing for my street cred lol.

After the carol service we did some more shopping - being the freebie hunter that I am I was delighted to see pedigree and dreamies were giving out free sample sachets - I quickly got a bunch for my kitties and Jac the dog (and I got my friends to get some for me too as they didnt all have animals).

Free kitty treats and dentastix plus money off coupons yay
 We got to Turtle Bay and joy of joy they had 2 for 1 on cocktails :D The drinks were good, the food was great if a little hot!

Around 4pm a couple of us decided we were gonna leave and try to get home - the trains were still down so we weren't 100% sure how that was going to happen.

We got to the station (via  a very cool toy shop) but again noone knew anything. We spoke to staff and they said there would be no replacement bus service as all the bus drivers had reached their driving limit. We eventually decided to get the train to Bristol Temple Meads and get home from there.

The train to Bristol Temple Meads was running late and we were lucky to get it as the next few after were cancelled! We got to Bristol Temple Meads and there was just 1 train running to Cardiff - now if I was the train company knowing that the had cancelled 4/5 trains to Cardiff I would look at getting an extra train put on or add in more carriages but thy didnt - they had 2 carriages for everyone - it was crazy we were all standing and people couldnt get on.

We eventually got to Cardiff at like 7pm - phew

Overall Bath market was really nice and I really enjoyed my brief visit and will deffo go back next year but will book a hotel and spend a night so I can really explore and enjoy it all.