Sunday, 4 December 2016

New tattoos

Got 2 new tattoo's on Friday done at Kat Demon Ink

I'm really pleased with them - they are still healing hence the slightly blurry look to them - they wont be properly healed and looking good for a couple of weeks but I think they are fab so far. The red marks on the left to the side and underneath the paws are from the bloodlines (the tattooist runs the needle across the skin without any ink in it so they can see how you react and also to let you know what it feels like - she did it twice on me as the wrist feels different to further up the arm - the marks will go once they heal - she only did it  on the one arm as I was getting both tattoos in the same place just on different arms).

My mum's really not keen on the tattoos lol she said she thought I was getting a tiny cat - I did point out it is tiny its like an inch and half long if that! But I think they will grow on her - well they will have to as they arent going anywhere :)

I have another appointment booked in January to go get a Cheshire Cat on my arm. Once it's done I am getting it over tattoo'd on the eyes and smile with UV ink and I can't wait.

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