Saturday, 7 January 2017

#PostPost Week 1

So the first week in January is always quiet for me mail wise - I dont do freebie hunting, reviews or much comping over Christmas and New Year because I am pretty darn lazy and want to sleep in until noon, eat my body weight in chocolate for breakfast and just chill out.

Therefore the first post of my new #PostPost is a pretty short one :)

We had 3 items arrive this week

1. First Aid Kit

So I got this from VIPON (formerly amz reviews) - it wasn't free I actually paid the whole of 10p for it :) New amazon rules means that sellers cant ask for a review in return for a discounted or free item but I like to do the review anyways after all I am getting something for 10 thats worth £10! seems only fair right?

This kit is going to go in my car - it's a really nice piece of kit with your basic first aid kit items but also some extras you dont normally get like a night stick, emergency poncho, whistle and space blanket.

2. WIN - La Roche-Posay 50+SPF Comfort Anthelios XL sunscreen

I won this in the Ginger Advent competition that was on over Christmas. Really pleased with this - my mum has had skin cancer on her face 3 times and has to use a really high level good quality sunscreen daily - she used to get it on prescription but with the NHS funding issues they cancelled her prescription and she has to buy it herself which can be quite expensive, so this is perfect for her to use :)

3. FREEBIE - Regenerate Toothpaste 

I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago about a free toothpaste sample - I always sign up for these because  I often do weekends away and short trips and these are perfect to take with you and use for 2-4 days before binning - means there is more room in my bag for shopping :) Will be keeping this one for my £800 weekend away in July :)

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