Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Savvy Circle - Daz for Whites and Colours - Final thoughts

So the project is coming to an end boo :(

What did I think of Daz for Whites and Colours?

After 2 weeks of using Daz a few things really stood out:

1. It does work my colours are colourful and my whites are bright - I have washed a few of my items 3/4 times and I cant see any noticeable differences between them from the first wash to the last which is good no fading of my colours or greying of my whites

2. Out of the people I gave my samples to I had all positive feedback even the grumpy people (they know who they are!) didnt have anything negative to say - other than asking me for a bigger box next time - the cheeky beggars!

3. The Daz smells really nice and has a long lasting scent which lingers on your washing - its rather nice to open your drawers and get a whiff

4. Valuewise we actually bought another box using one of the money off coupons - even without the coupon Daz was cheaper than some of the other big brands and only a little bit more expensive than the supermarket own brand.

All in all I am pretty pleased with Daz - I am lazy so not having to spend time worrying about sorting washing works for me, if it stops my clothes from fading then that means I dont have to replace them so it saves me money too :)

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