Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - oh the stereotyping!

**Spoiler alert**

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you will know that Disney has just released the live action version of Beauty and the Beast (it came out at cinemas on the weekend). What you may not know is that this is being touted as Disney's first movie with an openly gay character *gasp*

That's providing that you don't buy into the controversy that was the two women with short hair walking with a baby in a pushchair in Finding Dory that is, because you know if your a woman with short her walking with another woman with short hair you must be a card carrying dyke!

But I digress

LeFou, Gaston's erstwhile sidekick and best friend, has been touted across media as Disney's first gay character. The director and actors have all bigged up this very special moment in the movie of some wonderfully gay scene. Weird countries with outdated homophobic laws have banned the movie or given it a higher than PG rating, American religious nuts have boycotted the theaters etc etc etc

So what is this amazing scene? this scene which is catapulting homosexuality into the heart of Disney and family life?

Perhaps its LaFou's declaration of undying love for Gaston as he lays dying in his arms, finishing with a tender kiss? Or maybe a hot and heavy bit of PDA? perhaps LaFou plants a smacker on Gaston's lips and says forget Belle, pick me? Perhaps it's something big?

Nope, it's a ridiculous predictable stereotypical piece of cinematic BS.

Before I give away the "big" ending let me rewind to a part about 3/4 into the movie - it's the part where the villagers storm the castle and the random alive objects in the castle are fighting back. Three male villagers are fighting the wardrobe. Her way of defeating them is to dress them in girls clothing - oh the humanity of it all! Two of the men rush off terrified by the fact they are in women's clothing - dear god wont someone think  of the children? The third smiles and appears super pleased to be wearing Lady's clothes and saunter off. (Yes lets throw a quick cheap laugh in about cross dressing - way to go Disney)

Fast forward to the big scene which is simply there is a ball at the end after the Beast has changed into his rather ugly (sorry dude) human form and everyone is rejoicing in the castle and doing those rather formal dances where they all move in set patterns - like line dancing without the funky cowboy hats.

LaFou is dancing with a woman,  as they switch out dance partners he is suddenly dancing with a man, but it's  not just any man, oh no, it just happens to be the guy who enjoyed being dressed in women's clothing. That's right folks all gay men love the colour pink, cross dressing and getting their hair and make up done! The scene is on the screen for about 3 seconds - blink and you will miss it.

What a total cop out and let down from Disney - there was nothing to it - if people hadn't been bigging it up as a gay scene it would never have crossed people's minds that it was. It is a huge disappointment that Disney in 2017 are promoting gay people using stereotypes and as the butt of a joke - the sort of joke you would find at a 1990's holiday camp on a wet weekend in June with a blue comedian who is amusing to members of the BNP!

The scene doesn't  add anything to the movie - it's just an added bit of fluff that leaves a slightly bad taste in the mouth.

Don't get me wrong I actually did enjoy the movie (after the first 15 minutes of mentally going ooh its Hermione that is!), I just wish Disney had actually just had a normal gay couple going about their daily lives without any of the dated slightly (or depending on your views very) negative stereotypes.

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