Saturday, 18 March 2017

Amazon Prime Versus Netflix which one to keep?

I've decided in order to save money I need to drop either my Amazon Prime or my Netflix subscription. So thought I'd try and compare them in order to work out which to keep.

I'm currently paying £7.99 per month for Prime which includes a lot of free delivery, music and videos

Netflix is £5.99 a month (for use on 1 screen at a time only).


Before Amazon made all the changes for reviewers I was doing a tonne of reviews so Prime was great for the free 1-day delivery. Since the changes I haven't been doing as many reviews mainly because the items available are not as great and the discount for reviewing isnt as big. Add in that the set up they have now about how you can only do a limited number of reviews (it's supposed to be unlimited for verified purchases BUT it the programme they use is pants and half the time it shows purchases  that are verified as unverified and unverified as verified so half the time you cant do more than 4/5 a day)  so where as before I was doing 20+ reviews a week mainly over the weekend I am now doing maybe 5 a month.

Another issue with Prime for me is I cant play it through my TiVo box - I have to play it through my android box and it's a bit glitchy and awkward to use. I also find it annoying that even thought I am paying for a subscription service not all the shows I want to see are free so I have to pay for them!

The good thing about it is there is a decent amount of music you can stream for free - you can also download your playlists - so if you have a limit to your data you can download the music to your device when your connected to wi-fi and listen off line without using your data allowance. I use the amazon music app loads on my mobile. You can also buy music that isn't included as well a bit like iTunes.


Netflix has a great selection of original series (okay Prime has some too but Netflix has more). I love the fact that a lot of the shows on Netflix have great LGBT characters - OITNB, Sense8, Shadow Hunters to name a few, plus tonne of really good sci-fi and fantasy series and tonnes of movies. It is built into my TiVo box so no fuss or muss. It can be difficult to find what you want to watch if your watching on the TiVo but easy to find on the laptop.

It's literally just TV and Films no other extras.

I think of the 2 I will keep Netflix and cancel Prime for now - the good thing is that you can cancel Prime and then start up again on the monthly package when you want. In a few months when the holiday is paid for I may well re-sign up!

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