Thursday, 30 March 2017

#Project52 Week 12

Okay so this is a series of photos  rather than just one :) But I was super proud  of myself as on Saturday I made my own bread rolls (It would have been a loaf but I made a fruit cake in the loaf tin)

I made oat, linseed, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed dough using quick rise yeast which I have never used before and they came out really well and tasted amazing!

Dough mixed by hand - biceps feeling properly trim after this

Doughball after 10 minutes of kneading - seriously going to have arms like Popeye if I keep this up!

Dough divided into mini balls and covered lightly in clingfilm ready to go into the oven to rise

They have risen! Baked and cooling on the wrack
Bread roll pile on!

Best served hot with butter ;)

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