Sunday, 5 March 2017

#Project 52 Week 9

My dad came back from Benidorm this week which meant I got to drive down to West Wales yesterday to take him and all his stuff home.

I actually really like West Wales - it's got some gorgeous countryside, some amazing buildings, some stunning little towns and villages and beautiful beaches.

My dad lives in a place called  Pentregat which is just up from Llangrannnog - most people in Wales know Llangrannog as it is a place where most of the schools run school trips too - usually in the last year of juniors and the first year of high school.

It's like 10 mins from Cardigan which is where I took this weeks photo

Cardigan has some really quaint shops, cobbled streets, cafes and of course the Castle :) There are a fair few galleries and hand made craft shops around and there are always new places opening - they do have the typical high street tops too but you can find those anywhere its the smaller independent shops that appeal.

After taking my dad home I took him into Cardigan to get his heavy shopping done and we spotted a new gallery / shop had opened. And outside the shop lurked a rather creepy bunny - it really reminded me of Donnie Darko one of my fave films :)

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