Thursday, 16 March 2017

#Project 52 - week 10

Bit late posting due to dental probs :(

This is a picture of a cat who appeared on my doorstep (well window sill) on Friday. He then came back on Saturday so I contacted a rescue who agreed that even though they were completely full they would find room for him IF I could catch him.

All day Saturday each time he visited I tried to catch him but he wasn't keen on being picked up.

I eventually caught him Sunday - caught is probably a strong word - the poor kitty was huddled on my bin and I enticed him into the cage with some food.

As you can see the poor kitty had a burst and weeping open wound to his nose (it was confirmed at the vets as a burst abscess), he also had a lot of other wounds including an injured paw and cuts to his ears and was severely dehydrated.

I took him to the vets who gave him antibiotics, painkillers and flea/worm treatment - I was at the vets for nearly 3 hours as I had to wait to be seen in between the regular customers and the emergency ones who came in - I then dropped him to the rescue.

The rescue who took him in had an account with the vets and as well as taking him in they also footed the bill.

The kitty wasn't chipped, was dehydrated, hungry, in pain and scared. He hadn't  been neutered and the likelihood is that he was someone's kitten who wandered off/got dumped when his hormones kicked in. His pain and suffering was unnecessary - if he had been  neutered!

He has since been taken back to the vets by the rescue and he had to go on a drip as was so dehydrated - he is now back in the rescue and doing well - he will hopefully get better and get neutered and then be rehomed as despite being a bit timid he is a very friendly and good looking young boy

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