Friday, 24 February 2017

Savvy Circle - Head & Shoulders - Thoughts

So after a couple of weeks of using the new Head & Shoulders 3 Action Formula and getting feedback from the family and friends who tried the unlabelled version:

1. It smells amazing - it  doesnt smell like your usual anti-dandruff shampoo - sometimes they can smell a bit chemically - a 3 of the people doing the unbranded challenge thought it was Pantene  from the smell

2. A little goes a long way - you can use a grape size amount and it lathers through the hair really well - I had similar feedback from my trial buddies

3. You don't need to use conditioner every day - I found that it left my hair silky and soft without needing extra conditioner - I dye my hair a lot and it can show a bit of damage so I usually have to use conditioner every day

The only negative I found is whilst I dont have dandruff using this I did find I did find that there was a little bit of shampoo residue build up no matter how much I rinsed it - this became a couple of dried small bits which were easily removed and didnt leave anything behind.

Also as someone who regularly dyes their hair (in my case blue, green, purple etc) I have found that anti-dandruff shampoos  in the past have stripped the colour from my hair - when using this daily I didn't notice an increase in the fading of my hair colour.

Over all myself and my 6 testers were pretty impressed with the shampoo.

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