Sunday, 26 February 2017

Medium Charity Night

I believe in ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night haha well maybe not quite but I do believe there are things that can't be explained and am open minded to the possibility that ghosts and paranormal stuff exists.

Last night me, my mum and big sister went along to a Medium night held to raise funds for a local Kitty rescue. It was pretty busy with a couple of hundred people there and we were all sat out at tables throughout the room. We had a table a couple of tables back and to the side.

The guy starts his act and I'm feeling pretty skeptical I have to be honest it all seemed a bit wishy washy to me -  a woman who liked wearing lipstick with tummy troubles - hell that's half the female population its called periods dude! Anyways I was quite bored to be honest until the guy suddenly zones in on me!

Great, because having a room full of people staring at me is just what I want - not!

Predictably I turned my usual glowing shade of red as I was handed a microphone and he asked questions - did this make sense did that make sense and so on.

Anyways he got a few things spot on which are not something you would necessarily guess such as the thing about my sister's dog - she's an old dog who is blind and doesn't go out for walks anymore - she liked to pace in circles in the garden. My sister has no ties to the cat rescue and there is no way they would have known that! There was also a few other things that were spookily right but then there was a tonne of bits that were way off - so I am at a 50 / 50 if it was real or not! Which is kind of frustrating for me as I like certainty!

I have been invited to another medium evening in a little town about 20 mins drive away in April which I am probably going to go to and see if anything comes through again :)

On the plus side I did win in the raffle :) A little black and white fleecey bag with a eye maske, blanket and travel pillow in - purrrfect for me with all the travelling I like to do :D

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