Sunday, 12 February 2017

#PostPost Week 6

Well not much post here this week :( but I have had a bit of a step back from applying for reviews, freebie hunting and comping because work has been busy and I have been super tired - I'm not good in the winter I tend to hibernate! I also forgot to photograph a few items too :(


1. A Honor 6x mobile phone worth £240!! I won this from their twitter and although I am super pleased to win I am a bit irked see I really needed a new phone and entered a ton of comps to win one and didnt so I then paid for an upgraded contract to get a S7 and 2 weeks later I get announced as a winner of this phone!! So annoying - as my phone is on contract I cant downgrade it so I have regretfully swapped this with a friend who needed a phone and had some amazon vouchers to swap

2. Some little Spa Find freebies - these are lovely I really like the face cream

3. Kitty ear head band to review from vipon

4. A Grossery Gang - win but no picture and I have posted it to a friend for her little boy

5. Roller sticker pen - review from vipon its pretty cool and I am using it to decorate my postcard entries 

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