Sunday, 26 February 2017

#Project 52 Week 8

I have been playing Snatch a lot this week which is great as it gets me walking around a lot :) If you haven't played then it's basically a game on the phone like Pokemon Go where you walk around finding parcels - you have to hold a parcel for 6 hours and then once it is secure you can open it and see what's in it - the parcel's can contain vouchers, coins or gems for in the game or actual prizes. If you find a golden parcel that contains a cash amount which you can claim through circle pay. Unfortunately players who are nearby can snatch your parcel so holding on to it for those 6 hours can be hard!

Anyways both m and the dog could do with taking more walks so this week we have done a fair few miles walking around to find parcels :D

Today we went for a lovely walk along the river but my phone was dead (probably due to the fact I have been using it non-stop to find parcels!) so had to take the pics of the extremely muddy hound from home!

Due to the weather the poor dog has had several washes and baths this week! But here he is after our long walk today all muddy and gross - and the after his bath pic where he is all fluffy and clean - Enjoy

Muddy Hound
Fluffy clean and blow dried hound!

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