Tuesday, 21 February 2017

#Project 52 Week 7

There is a lot of love on social media for furries in the pet brigade - dont get me wrong I do love my 4 cats and the dog but other pets are often over looked especially in the comping world - there's always things like tummy tuesday or caturday or sundaysnoozeday and so on where people can enter their usually very cute furry pets to win prizes. But hey - not all pets are furry :) We are very fond of our corns and corn snakes are the ideal pet for newbies to the non furry pet stakes. They generally have a pleasant temperament, are easy to handle and easy to look after in general. Most corn snakes are captive bred and come in a range of stunning colours. Some colour and pattern combos are highly sought after too!

My family have always had all sorts of pets - my sister currently has a dog and a tarantula, my niece has 7 or 8 different species of lizard - in the past we have had everything from tropical fish to birds to rodents to stick insects

So in honour of all those non furry pets out there I give you Emi and Morfa our beautiful corn snakes

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