Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Birthday Blues

My Birthday this year has been cursed from start to finish!

First I was due to go to Alton Towers with a friend but they cancelled :(

Then 2 days before my birthday I had a wisdom tooth extracted.

The day before my birthday I got sent home from work early because I was in so much pain.

Then the day of my birthday I didnt feel great but my friend had bought us tickets to go to a local firework display with her 2 kids. We walked to the display from my place (around a 2 mile walk) we literally got around the corner from the fire station and her youngest kid suddenly threw up. We went on anyways but the poor kid continued to be sick so we had to leave early. That night I wake up and throw up too!

Th day after my birthday I lose my voice completely and feel a bit fuzzy headed

Now 3 days later I have a full blown headcold - we are talking snot and mucus central - its delightful!

I think this is probably going down as my worst birthday ever - it even beat my 13th Birthday where my dad picked up all my mates in his Robin Reliant 3 wheeler (sure now it's cool but back then I was dying on the inside) and proceeded to make it walk by lifting the wheels off the ground as he raced it around the multi-storey car park with them in it and I was too fat to fit into the really fashionable shell suit my mum gt me from the market! Sad Times!!!!

On the plus side I have treated myself to a few little small gifts this year - namely 3 pairs of shoes and a new tattoo (which is being done on 2/12 as they are so busy) - I also received $$$ from my family instead of gifts which makes me very happy - normally they buy me chocolate (I'm diabetic and fat I really dont need choc!) or smellies (which I can't use due to allergies) or something else which is kind but not needed - however as I go to the USA pretty much every year the $$$ are great it means I can buy stuff out there which is awesome - I also got some jewellery pieces which are cute too and an Anna from Frozen dress which I'm super pleased with - next year I am so dressing up as Anna on holidays and my niece has an Elsa outfit we are gonna look amazin' haha.

I had fully intended making a red velvet cake for my birthday but figured that nobody wants a cake with a side helping of snot so will be waiting to do that until this col has shifted a bit.

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