Friday, 9 February 2018

#Veganaury is over!

Well it's now nearly two weeks post veganuary so here are 10 things that round it up:

1. Eating vegan when you have time to prep your food on the weekends  is super easy, grabbing a quick snack to go when you forget your lunch is a bit more limited (options include a plain jacket potato with beans, a veggie box from the local noodle bar and if you are superlucky and live in a big city like me then you might have a vegan quick food place), eating out with family and friends if you dont like salad can also be tricky but more and more companies are providing vegan options on their menus - tasty vegan options too!

2. Eating vegan requires an initial outlay and you have to pay more for animal free product items like 'marge' but when you weigh this against the cost of buying meat its actually cheaper especially if you are buying seasonal fruit and veggies.

3. The things I thought I would miss like bacon sarnies and chicken curry I didn't  - no what I missed most was cheese - I dreamed of cheese, cheese on toast, cheese topped lasagna, cheese on a stick with pineapple...well you get the drift

4. The first time I eat dairy products after being off them I bloated up like a hot air balloon (this makes me sad)

5. Trying to eat vegan at an all inclusive hotel in Benidorm is pretty much impossible - like these guys say a soup is veggie and then your like hey there's some weird meat floating in it and they are like yup thats the beef! Like since when has beef been veggie in any form?

6. I know that I am not going to continue with the vegan diet BUT I am going to continue to eat vegan and veggie dishes 4-5 days a week

7. Following the vegan diet left my skin in amazing condition (after the first week of detox hell where I looked like a 13 year old with a severe zit problem!)

8. Lets talk poo! Vegan diet = less poo (I know it surprised me too with all those veggies and beans!!!)

9. Another surprising side effect duet the first week and a bit of detox was the horrendous headaches and tiredness - like I literally can't even lift my own head tiredness!I guess this partially came from the reduction in the amount of cake and chocolate (I like milk chocolate!) When this passed I had a lot of energy I mean a LOT we are talking hitting the gym 5 day a week levels of energy plus skating 4 times a week and taking the dog for several miles of walking (the dog didnt enjoy this so much hes a porker)

10. People are taking veganism seriously now like it's no longer seen as a fad - big supermarkets are stocking alternative products, there are vegan food shops opening and vegan restaurants and big chain restaurants are offering vegan food too.

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