Monday, 8 January 2018

#Veganuary 2018 - Week 1

So I am on day 8 of veganuary!

Here is what I have learnt over the last week:

1. People are super judgmental about food choices - the number of people who have asked me why I am doing this, waved cakes/chocolates under my nose or demanded to know what I am eating. Who knew that so many people would care about what I eat hey?

2. Eating vegan is easier than I thought - so far I have had risottos, soups, porridge, peanut butter on toast, stews, casseroles, chili plus a fake away of vegan burger, fries and onion rings (with vegan battered pineapple! nom). I also managed to get a take out lunch from a vegan stall at Cardiff central market which was totally delicious!

3. Smoothies are king - okay I dont eat loads of fruit and veg normally but I have been utilising my food processor to make some fantastic smothies - I have even had veggies in them and they are good!

4. My body is not equipped for cutting out all the processed crap I normally eat - after 3 days of the vegan diet I started getting super bad headaches and feeling exhausted - I am pretty sure this is due to my body being so used to having processed foods and sugars! Happily the headaches have cleared now!

5. Following from 4 I have had some serious bad skin days maybe it's all the crap escaping but I have been seriously zitty! Again this appears to be clearing up now thank god - teen skin is not something I want!

6. Chocolate - I have been craving it like full on crazy cravings and also sugar - sweets, icecream I want it all! I have been combating these by eating lots of fruit (and the occasional party ring - did you know party rings are vegan? me neither until I  found it on a handy list of vegan foods!)

7. DOMs I normally hit up a protein bar or shake after the gym - as I havent found a vegan version yet (read as I haven't actually looked other than in the usual shops which only have whey products) I have had some killer DOMs and by killer I mean I did a class on Wed and was still suffering DOMs on Sunday! I've started trying to eat more nuts and peanut butter after the gym which is supposed to be a good source of protein - so far so good

8.  Other vegans are super supportive - I have been posting on my social media photos of my food and smoothies and also asking questions and I have had lots of positive feedback and advice - it's like one big happy family

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