Sunday, 3 September 2017

Ball Mania MCR - The TramShed Cardiff

Ball Mania MCR - The TramShed Cardiff - an adults only giant ball pit! 

Today was ridiculous fun. Imagine a large structure with enclosed hard mid thigh walls and then ceiling high netting filled  with thousands of little plastic balls and children!!!!! Myself and 2 friends got to dive, roll, swim and sink and just had an absolute blast playing in the ball pit.

Our booking was for 2pm and we rocked up at around 1:50 - we had bought our tix online for £12 each for an hour and the price included free lockers, a party buffet (more on that in a bit), access to the cinema showing kids films and the ball pit.

We checked in and were given our sexy yellow wrist bands and had to signed waiver saying we were healthy, free  from injury and not going to sue if someone accidentally stepped on our head whilst submerged in balls or words to that affect (I'm not going to lie I just filled it in without reading it - I could have been giving them permission to sell my organs to a science lab or summat!)

Sexy yellow wristbands ooohhh

We dumped our bags in a locker - the key was on a wrist band so you didnt lose it in the ball pit, kicked off our shoes and headed in

Giant ball pit

It was super quiet - like 7 other people in the ball pit in groups of 2 and 3 - so plenty of room for us to play.

shoulder deep in balls!

wading through the balls - there are so many adult jokes here but I am just going to leave it

The pit is almost empty so lots of room to play

The first thing we all did was take a flying leap and superman through the balls - getting up after this was a tad difficult!

After the first 10 mins of throwing balls at each other and rolling around like idiots we settled down like the mature grownups we are and took turns in burying each other

My buried mate - only visible part is her hands and thats cos she was trying to get back up

Peek-a-boo - a few minutes before they completed covered my face with balls too - happily it was really easy to breath under them all
They provided a few beachballs for you to lob around plus a giant beach ball but it was flat! So we had to make do with the smaller ones. They also blasted pure 80's/90's cheesy pop (you haven't lived until you have sat in a giant ball pit shoulders  deep in a thousand plastic balls and danced and sang along with hand movements to the locomotion!)

30 mins later and we were shattered, sweaty and in need of a drink so we dragged ourselves out of the pit and went looking for the party buffet.

The party buffet was provided upstairs which conveniently had a bar too - as we were all driving and it was 2:30pm on a Sunday we stuck with soft drinks - a 'pint' of diet coke was £2.50 - it was kinda vile tasting - like the really really  cheap and nasty super market own brand cola bleargh

The party buffet was a huge disappointment it included: cocktail sausages, 1/4 pieces of mini pork pies, cheese and onion rolls (the veggie option), a selection of multipack bags of crisps, cheese cubes on a cocktail stick and pickled onions on a cocktail stick. Also it was advertised with jelly and icecream but they had none :( I was very sad at the lack of jelly and icecream!

However, they made up for it with a selection of biscuits and chocolate rolls, kinder chocolate, froggos, and loads of chewy sweets.

After sugar loading we headed back into the ball pit for another play.

Technically, our tickets were for 1 hour from 2-3pm but no-one asked us to leave and even though some more people had come in - taking the total in the pit to about 20 it was still really quiet. We stayed and played until around 3:30 and then headed back to the buffet to grab some more chocolate and sweets to eat on the way home - gotta keep those sugar levels up right?

We really enjoyed it but a few things could have improved it:

1. More balls! Yeah there were balls a plenty but it would have been so much more fun if they had more - the balls came up to our knees when standing -  doubling the amount so they come up to our hips would have been better

2. Slide - how awesome would it be to slide into the ball pit?

3. More choice on the party buffet and include a free bottle of water

Would we go again? Yes we all enjoyed it - we ar actually looking into the adult soft play next in Swansea :)

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