Saturday, 19 August 2017

Oral-B Gum & Enamel - Savvy Circle Project

I was lucky to once again be chosen to take part in a savvy circle project - yay :)

I love taking part in these projects - the items are usually things you use day to day plus you get lots of money off coupons and usually samples to share with family and friends too.

Normally I include a picture with my posts about the projects but unfortunately my wonderful kitty decided to chew through my cable to connect my phone to the laptop to upload pics - I had hoped the one I ordered would have arrived now but nope hasn't happened no photo of the product for now (hopefully the cable will arrive soon and I can update with my actual pics)

So for this project we got sent a project book with lots of information about the product, 2 full size tubes, money off coupons and conversation sheets.

I started using the toothpaste straight away - I have sensitive teeth and in the past I've been told by my dentist that my enamel isnt brilliant and I had to have high level fluoride toothpaste to use.

The tooth paste itself has a rather strong paste - it does come in other flavours so I am going to definitely look out for them. I also found it slightly gritty in texture.

After using it twice a day for a week I could feel a reduction in sensitivity and my gums looked very healthy - I'm waiting now to see what my dentist says - anything to reduce the need for fillings right?

As part of the project I also got a tube of tooth paste to give to a friend to try. I gave it to an older work colleague of mine (who is aged 50+). Her feedback was she found the toothpaste flavour to be much too strong for her liking - she stuck it out though and like myself could feel the benefit - I gave her some coupons so she is going to look out for the different flavours.

Cost wise this is not the cheapest option its like £5 a tube which lasts about a month so that would equate to £60 for a year - check up and filling is like £50 not to mention the amount of serious pain cavities and fillings can cause! So it actually equals out to about the same amount you would spend on a cheaper toothpaste plus dental treatment in a year.

I have had some issues with my teeth over the last year - from having to have a wisdom tooth out, to having a molar out and developing dry root which was probably the worst experience of my entire life painwise, to a root canal (to try to save another molar and I still need to go back for that to either get a filling or the tooth removed - just waiting for the appointment to come through ) plus a tonne of fillings - all my own fault as I hadnt been to a dentist for about 18 years! I will definitely look at buying this again s to be honest anything that makes my teeth and gums stronger is a winner in my book but I would definitely go look at the different flavours.

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