Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Vagisil Intimate Wipes - Got an itchy fan?

Insiders.eu have recently run a new campaign trying out various vagisil products. I got in on the project and put my name forward for the Vagisil Itch Relief Intimate Wipes - personally I think they should have gone with itchy fan wipes shorter and more to the point but as I'm not on the marketing team for them they have gone for their choice :P

If your interested in signing up for the Insiders have a look at the information here - I'd definitely recommend it they run a variety of different campaigns with some great companies and products. They provide everything you need to take part as well as plenty of product samples to share.

Back to this campaign:

I got my Insiders kit a few weeks ago. It contained:

- Full size pack of wipes for me (woohoo)
- 10 cute little pillow packs of goodies to share with family, friends, neighbours etc

These contain 4 individually wrapped wipes and the cushion pack folds out to give an information sheet

- an Insider/Vagisil information pack giving you all the background info about the product
- some ask your friend sheets to get feedback
- some Insiders business cards to hand out to anyone interested in joining :)

So the purpose of these wipes are to help you freshen up, clean and relieve itchiness around the vaginal area.

Apparently women still find it difficult to talk about their vag and intimate health probs - Growing up as the youngest of 3 girls with a mam and dad who were both nurses talking about issues down below has never been something I've been shy about. I understand your fanny might be a scary thing (ever looked at it in a mirror? haha) but lets get real why should we suffer and feel uncomfortable just because we are to afraid to speak out about it? I mean I'm not saying tattoo your forehead with I sometimes get a pH imbalance which causes me to itch or antibiotics give me thrush (my nan used to refer to it as her little birdy visiting) but surely it's not a big deal to say to your female friends damn I'm feeling a bit itchy today anyone got any good suggestions? Like 1/5 women are concerned about their intimate health but over 50% are too afraid to speak about it so basically if your on a bus there are probably 5-10 women riding that bus who has concerns or problems too but arent speaking about it!


So part of this project is to get women talking about intimate health and of course trying out the vagisil wipes.

I'm actually a big fan of the wipes - I like that they are individually wrapped so you can slip them into your handbag - small and discreet and handy! They are just a little bit bigger than a credit card so they could even be slipped into your purse out of the way. They are easy to use and wrap back  in the packaging and bin.

**I really shouldn't have to say this but they are single use only - don't use them and and save them for later or share the same wipe with someone else**

 After getting my pack I was really excited to sign people up to the campaign and to give out my samples.

I signed up work colleagues, neighbours and family straight away - it was interesting that the "older" people as in aged 40+ were much more open to taking part than younger ones I guess when you have had 20+years of smears, had kids etc it's not so much of a big deal to talk about your fan!

I actually gave out all of my sample packs within a few days of receiving them.

Feedback so far has pretty much been all positive - everyone is loving them (their only complaint is they wanted more free samples in the packs the greedy buggers).

I am using mine after gym sessions - I find wearing leggings to the gym comfy but you definitely get a bit sweaty with everything being quit tight and all the movement. The wipes not only relieve itching but also leave you feeling fresher too.  I can imagine they would be great on long journeys as well where you are stuck on a plain, coach or train for hours and your clothes and pants are getting a little uncomfortable!

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