Thursday, 29 September 2016

Insiders Campaign - UniBond Renew Silicon Resealant

So last month The Insider's had a new campaign running to try out UniBond  Renew Silicon Resealant - I was keen to be chosen for the campaign because my bathroom is disgusting! The council fitted a new bathroom a few year ago but failed to put in any ventilation - due to this the sealant around all the tiles over the bath have literally turned black with mold!!! We have tried everything from scrubbing them, to using antimold sprays and nothing has shifted it - the mold seems to just spread continually and it kinds freaks me out - as well as look disgusting and foul!

Normally when I take part in these campaigns I get an e-mail telling me I have been lucky enough to be chosen (YAY) but this time they didnt send out an e-mail and I just got the product turn up.

However, I knew it was from the campaign as it came with all the usually information packs, some Insiders cards to pass out some great discount coupons and of course the product itself. Just on a side note - when you sign up fr the Insiders and get chosen to take part in a campaign they literally provide you with everything you need to try the product, spread the word and give family and friends samples or great discount coupons to try the product at a discount too.

So in my parcel I got a full size product to try out, an info booklet, 5 x £2.50 off coupons and some sheets to record conversations and chats with family and friends and insiders business cards to hand out to anyone who might be interested in trying out the product. You also get access to a blog on the insiders website where you can chat and share tips with other participants, a dashboard where you can share inks to reports you have written and report on conversations you have had and a media corner where you can share photos and  things - alll in all very comprehensive.

Now I received my pack on 25th of August but due to being away camping for a long weekend I didnt try it out until the following week (and then I went on holiday to the USA for a couple of weeks!) so I am a little late in writing this post!

Here are some pics of my bathroom tiles - which as you can see they are blackened and moldy and just generally gross despite cleaning!

 Before using the UniBond I cleaned the tiles and the sealant (yeah I know it doesnt look like it but seriously this has been scrubbed and then cleaned with anti-mold stuff!)

I let them dry off naturally and then dabbed over with a cloth to ensure they were completely dry.

The UniBond is supposed to have a special shaped nozzle and applicator which makes applying the sealant easy - unfortunately I did not find this to be the case - it didnt fit tidily between the bath edge and the tiles or along the corner of the wall - however it would work fine against a flat wall but that isnt really the problem area I have.

In the end I used the applicator to squirt the product out and then my fingers to smooth it over (I wore latex style gloves which kept my skin safe from any nasties.

The product was okay - it didnt exactly give me fresh new looking tiles but it did take away some of the blackness and nastiness.

It dried fairly quickly and withstood being scrubbed when the bathroom was cleaned.

Due to going on holidays I left it like the pictures but now I am home again I plan to go over it again as I think it needs to be given a second coating to get it completely clean looking.

Overall I am quite pleased with how it looks - I think it looks a lot better even if more work needs to be done - hopefully this weekend I can finish it and it will be even better.

NB for more information on the insiders please click here and see my review page :D - you can also find details about their previous, current and upcoming campaigns as well as sign up to take part by clicking here :) they offer opportunities across different countries in the EU including the UK so click on the section relevant to you for more details.

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