Friday, 9 September 2016

Holidays - New York City & Orlando

This time in a week I will be somewhere over the ocean way up high :) on a jet on the way to JFK!

I've not really done NYC before only just passed through it on the way to somewhere else so I am looking forward to visiting.

We only have a few days in NYC before hopping another flight to Orlando. Orlando is pretty much my fave place in the world to visit - this year is going to be a little strange as it's the first time in around 9 years where I am not visiting Disney!

My travel itinerary so far is:

Thursday 15/9 Travel by coach from Cardiff to Gatwick - we have a later coach so I can do important stuff in the morning like drop the dog off to my Aunt who is looking after him, cleaning the kitty litter trays (full empty and scrub as my dad just empties and scoops them), flea treatment for the cats, changing the bedding and so on and so on - also have to leave my dad instructions on which bins go out when, how to use the washing machine and how to use my netflix account lmao

We are staying at the Gatwick Central Travelodge - we have stayed there a few times before - it's your standard comfortable relatively quiet travelodge - around 10 mins by bus from Gatwick and super easy to find.  We actually got a really good deal - B&B for 2 people for like £60 which is great.

Friday 16/9 - We are gonna have brekkie at the Travelodge and stay there until midday which is the latest checkout time and then head over to the airport. Our flight isn't actually until 5pm so we will head to the No. 1 Lounge around 3pm to get some food before our flight.

I actually cheaped out on the flights so we have no hot food booked and we dont have our seats together so hopefully an early check in will sort the seats -  gonna pick up some sarnies and crips at the airport to take on the plane - nice and better value than the £50 they wanted!!!

We arrive in JFK around 8pm local time and are staying at a hotel in the airport (another travel lodge!)

Saturday 17/9 - we plan to head into NY proper and go to china town and 9/11 site

Sunday 18/9 - we plan to go to Statue of Liberty :)

Monday 19/9 - we have a flight at 2pm from JFK to MCO (Orlando)

We are staying at the Floridian on International Drive so will check in and then prob get an Uber to walmart to get some supplies (Oj, milk, snacks, drinks and that) and have dinner at cici's or iHop both of which we love :D

Tuesday 20/9 - Tuesday 27/9 - we have tix to go to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Buschgardens and we will of course hit the malls and outlets and thats it :D

Wednesday 28/9 -we are coming home

That's kinda my plans so far - we go to Orlando so often I dont really have any concrete plans - we will just chill and enjoy ourselves

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