Sunday, 23 July 2017

Life, the Universe and Everything

Okay maybe not but I haven't blogged in over a month because life has gotten in the way. To be fair though I have also not really been comping, doing reviews or much else either!

There isn't a specific reason why - I wish I could say I have been sick, depressed, lost a leg, lost my job, got a new job or anything else remotely interesting but I can't!

So what have I been up to?

Roller Derby - I go every Thursday after work and most Sundays as well. As the season is over for the main league they aren't really training as much on a Sunday which means a few times they have had free skate sessions after the learner sessions where  I have been able to stay behind and practice more - and I REALLY need the extra practice! It's been just over 3 months since I dipped my toe stops into roller derby and there has been a lot  of improvement (along with a lot of bruises, aching muscles and joints and temper tantrums!)

Gym Sessions - I try to do 3-4 classes a week -I'm not fit but I am fitter than when I started. I originally started with 1 class a week and I am now coping with 3-4  classes. The classes I do are legs bums and tums (Mon and Wed), stretch (Wed)  and kettle bells (Fri). They are only 30/45 min classes but they are high intensity and I have tried to up my game at them - from the first class of LBT where I used a flat step and no weight to where I am now using the high step and 5 kg weight (eventually I might progress to the bar weights but not yet!), in stretch I am able to get lower and hold the positions better and well, I have only just started kettle bells so no improvement yet but there will be eventually! After my long holidays in Sept/ Oct I am going to get a PT and hopefully get more work done on my core, arms and upper body.

Trips :) - I was down London for a weekend with my bestie at the start of the month and it was wonderful to just kick back and catch up :) We stayed in a hostel in Hammersmith, had glorious weather, got drunk, went shopping and giggled the whole weekend. I also went for a spa weekend with my mum for her birthday - I was lucky enough to win that which was fantastic as to be honest there is no way we could  have afforded it - we stayed in a ridiculously expensive suite at the Cary Arms in Babbacombe with breakfast included,as well as a 3 course meal spa treatment each. We had a lovely relaxing long weekend and the weather was glorious.

Tattoo - I got a new tattoo it's one I wanted for a while of the luggage from Discworld and I love it

Work stuff - I applied for another job, had an interview, didn't get it. Applied for study funding with work to see if I can finish off my degree with the OU - waiting for the outcome but not confident they will fund it even though I was told originally they most likely would. Currently putting together another job application which closes 30th July.

Other stuff - Finally paid off the holiday - woohoo but it has left me ridiculously skint boo

And that's it - so now everyone is caught up and I will try and update the blog more regularly now!

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