Friday, 28 October 2016

Daith Piercing

So a week ago I got a daith piercing - I read and heard from people that it can help with migraines and as it was only £15 to do I thought what the hell lets go for it.

Firstly the place I got it done is super clean and the guys been doing piercings for years before starting we ran through jewellery options (I went for a plain curved bar) and he showed me the needle in its sealed case and the expiry date and so on.

I have dinky ears (sadly it's the only part of me that is dinky!) so he wasnt 100% sure it could be done but after examining my ears he decided yeah we can go ahead.

Holy mother of god it was painful! Like the worse piercing ever! You could not only feel but you could hear the needle going through the cartilage and then followed the worse bit - the actual earring being fitted!

I bled a little, my eyes watered and I bravely was like yeah that wasnt so bad but it really was - so if anyone is considering getting it done be prepared the pain is intense!

After it was done it stung but no biggy- I chatted to the guys at the studio for a bit - got my little after care pack (a baggy of rock salt and cleaning instructions) and headed off to my car to go do some weight training. About 25 minutes later literally out of the blue it felt like someone had taken a damn metal bar and smacked me alongside my face - it was hard to tell what actually hurt - my teeth, my jaw, my cheek, my inner ear my outer ear even my damn eye socket!

This intense pain /burning sensation lasted like 4 hours - I really didnt think I would be able to keep the bloody piercing in - I was considering getting some pliers and removing it! But the pain eased and I was able to move my head without vomming so I figured it needed time to heal and so on.

When I finally got home around 7 hours after getting it done I knew it would need cleaning. It's really bloody awkward to clean because its hard to see - even using a mirror and its hard to reach. I ended up making up some sea salt solution and soaking a cotton balls and just squeezing it over the area before gently dabbing with a fresh soaked cotton ball. It stung like a bitch and a tiny bit of blood came off.

Sleeping was interesting I am a wriggler and that first night any time I stupidly rolled onto that side I woke up feeling sorry for myself. The next morning I cleaned it again and it was swollen and a bit more blood.

Fast forward a couple of days and swelling had reduced a bit so as well as the 3 times a day soaking with sea salt solution an cotton balls I was also using a clean ear bud dipped in the water to clean behind the ball.

Now a week later it's still slightly swollen and its still a bit sore to the touch. It's still a pain in the ass to clean and if I forget it's there and go to scratch my ear without thinking it hurts like hell.

I can sleep okay without it hurting as it's quite far in the ear and now it's (mostly) a lower more bearable pain it doesnt bother me. I wnt for some blood tests today and got the healthcare assistant to check it out for me and she said it looks really clean and like it's healing well yay

Since having it done I have had one headache (the day after) but no migraines so far. As I usually get 2-3 headaches a week and 2-3 migraines a month I am taking this as a good sign - or it might just be that my body is so traumatised by the piercing its decided to focus on one area of pain for me at a time!

It's going to take a long time to heal - the piercer said normally 6 - 9 months but can take longer.

It also looks kinda cool it's very dainty and cute so even if it doesnt work for the migraine and headaches I'm probably going to keep it in.

Oh and in case anyone thinks I am a wuss about the pain? I have had other piercings in the past none hurt like this not even the more "sensitive" area ones, getting the tattoo didnt hurt like this, testing my blood glucose levels, having multiple injections or having to give myself regular injections in my stomach and legs - none of these things hurt as much s this one small piercing!

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