Thursday, 25 August 2016

Welcome to my new space on the web

I started my previous blog over 18 months ago - I made it specifically to meet the positive 365 challenge - a challenge where you find something positive  each and every day for a year.

I completed the challenge on 31st December 2015 but found that I wanted to continue to have a site - a little space of my own on the net where I could post reviews, thoughts, ideas and generally be me.

I originally planned to continue to post on the old site but realised that both the name and theming really didn't suit me so I decided to create this little space instead.

Over the next few weeks I will be transferring some of the pages from my old site to this one - some I will link as there is too much info and pictures to start them completely from scratch and the others I will re-do the pages in the new format.

Unlike the previous blog I will not be doing daily posts - I found this really laborious and often struggled to post everyday due to not having enough time - cat naps take a while!

However I will update regularly and also work on developing the comping and review pages more and making sure the info on them is kept up to date and useful.

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