Saturday, 4 February 2017

Savvy Circle Project - Head & Shoulders 3 Action Formula

I'm super please to be taking part in another Savvy Circle Project - these are always super fun to do with lots of freebies and coupons to share with family and friends too!

This project is to try out Head and Shoulders 3Action Formula Shampoo.

We were supposed to get out packs out before Christmas but there was a little delay and they came out the last week of January.

I got my pack delivered to my work place because I didnt want to have to go to the PO depot to collect as they normally send out project packs via recorded / signed for delivery. Typically it arrived last Friday when I was off work and in Benidorm lol luckily work signed for it for me and kept it safe until I was back from my little break and able to grab it.

As  always the pack is really well thought of and well put together - everything packed into a lovely little bag :)

So what's in the pack?

1 full size product for me whoop whoop :)

6 small size unbranded bottles to give out to family / friends for them to try out - they are unbranded so they can be surprised when they find out its Head and Shoulders :)

35 single use sachets of the product to give out

10 50p off coupons

Ask you friend sheets

Project Guide

Now in my photo above there are only 5 of the unbranded bottles - thats because I gave out a bottle to my colleague at work when I opened the pack - she's my first tester :)

I didn't get my pack home until Thursday - which happened to be the day I got my new tattoo so I havent washed my hair until today (Saturday) because I didnt want to get the new tattoo wet.

First impressions of the shampoo?

It doesnt smell like Head and Shoulders! My sister who is also giving the unbranded bottle a try thought it was Herbal Essences or Pantene based on the smell of it. I have to admit I do like the smell - its fresh ad clean smelling and not overly fruity.

The shampoo itself is a pearly liquid a little bit runnier than my usual shampoo.

Now there are no photos of me washing my hair cos I didnt it in the shower and you dont need my shower pics :P

The shampoo lathers up really well and smells great. It also washes out super easily.

For this first wash I decided not to use any other product on my hair (I'm normally a conditioner and heat resistant spray / frizz ease type of girl). I left my hair dry naturally and was impressed with how soft and smooth my hair was left looking and feeling.

I was surprised that it pretty much left my hair frizz free which is great - it  also left my hair smelling great too.

I'm looking forward to trying the shampoo more and also to hearing back from how my unbranded trial people get on :)

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