Sunday, 5 March 2017

Savvy Circle - Daz for Whites and Colours

Once again the people over at Savvy Circle have a great project running this time to try out Daz for Whites and Colours.

I am always super happy when I get chosen to take part in these projects because they are always really well put together - you generally get a full sized product to try out (win) plus samples to hand out to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours (sharing the wealth !) plus coupons (because once you try the products you usually want to buy them they are usually pretty good) and a comprehensive pack of information (the sciencey bit) all packed into a smart savvy circle baggy!

This project pack didnt disappoint

As you can see there was a big box for me to try out, 10 small 6 wash boxes to hand out, 10 50p off vouchers, some ask your friend sheets, the insiders guide and some props to do the Daz door step challenge!(I vaguely remember this from when I was younger) this was all packaged up in a classy savvy circle baggy and red tissue paper. It is just quality :)

When I opened my package the smell from the Daz was lush - it wasnt over powering it just smelled good and I couldn't wait to get started on washing - which is odd as normally I hate doing the laundry haha.

I chucked in a mixed load including my grey skinny jeans which I had splattered with mud - hello living in wet Wales! Various pairs of socks in a variety of bright colours, some burgundy tights, a green skirt and a multicoloured Marilyn Monroe top and a bunch of towels and other bits.

The clothes all came out clean which is good, they also came out smelling really nice which is better and the colours and whites both looked good.

My brightly coloured Marilyn Monroe printed top
The clothes also held the scent which was great - I love it when I get something out of my wardrobe and it smells good!

Once I had given it a trial I decided to give out my samples :)

Now I already had a few people in mind for my samples: My mum, my sisters, my uncle, my aunty, my neighbour P and my colleague in work and her grown up son - leaving 2 packs to give out to any other interested parties:) - and there is always people who are like hey what are you testing and can I get some!
LadyCat doing quality control 
I took my Aunty her sample round but it was raining :( (again!) so we couldn't do the doorstep challenge so we did the kitchen challenge instead lol

Aunty K very happy with her sample and already had a load in the machine waiting!

Aunty K was left with her sample, her ask a friend sheet and strict instructions to let me know how she got on.

I then dropped off the rest of my samples I had ear marked out for people.

The final 2 samples also found homes ( my friend with 2 small children who love mudpies! and another with a colleague with her own mini rugby team )

As always people asked me for samples but I had run out ! Sorry guys! But I was able to give out some money off coupons to themso all wasn't lost and they still got a great deal.

Going forward with the project I need to start getting those ask a friend sheets back to upload to the project site, and I want to do several more loads (including my fave Marilyn top!) to see how the colours stay with multiple washes :)

So far though colour me bright and impressed!

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