Monday, 31 July 2017

Board Games and Being Social :)

Tonight I went to a board game night and it was really awesome!

As I have covered many times before I really struggle with doing new activities with new people so I really wasn't sure I would enjoy myself.

A friend of mine agreed to go with me - she already regularly attends gaming nights so I knew she would be a great person to go with.

We got there and most of the tables were already full so we decided to find a game for 2 players - as I was reading (the super confusing) instructions, 2 guys came in and asked if we had started and if they could join us - I explained we hadn't started and that it was a 2 player game but if they fancied picking a game the 4 of us could play then we could do that.One of the guys picked Survivor as he had played it before - it took a few minutes to set up so the guys introduced themselves and then we played the game for 2 hours (I didn't lose but I didnt win either). We all chatted and it was tonnes of fun and not awkward or weird - YAY

After the game they asked if we wanted to play something else - we then played a round of into the dungeon and my friend had to leave as she was meeting her hubby for dinner. I wasn't ready to go so I said I'd like to stay and play on and I did :) So that's me and 2 random strangers sat in a pub playing a game I didnt know for 2 hours and it was fine!

The guys were both lovely and told me about a retro gaming (computer/console) event that was happening and then they asked if they could add me on FB so they could send me the info.

After we finished the last game I was like thanks for playing and they said no problem let's play again next time your here and when I got home I had an FB message from them with the event details and some other chat.

So to recap - went and did a social type thing that I am not comfortable with, talked to strangers and then hung out with them for 2 hours on my own and have arranged to attend future social type things with them. Managed to do all this without acting too weird, throwing up, saying something totally inappropriate or feeling like a loser!

I also messaged someone from roller derby who is off after an operation and asked her if she wanted to meet up and she said yes and I think she actually does  want to hang out with me and isn't just throwing me a pity offer to hang out so am in the process of arranging that as well hopefully for Friday this week.

Tomorrow I am going to Bingo with someone I have known for nearly 20 years. She's the sort  of person who doesn't judge you and who I can relax around and be myself :)

For someone who doesn't do socialising this is turning into a busy week for me.

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