Sunday, 8 January 2017

#Project 52 - Photo 1

My first picture of the year to sum up my week is this:

So basically a couple of months ago I got my daith pierced in the hope it would help with my migraines.

I've been getting migraines on a fairly regular basis since I was 14 - so that's 21 years of suffering with a migraine at least 3-4 times a month - some of which last only a short 12-24 hours and some of which can last up to 3-5 days!

The piercing has worked really well and since having it in I have had like 2 migraines and they have been short and less intense as well!


I had an issue because I have little teeny weeny ears that the top bar of th piercing pressed against the top of my ear - it was uncomfortable and a bit difficult to clean (which you should be able to see in the first pic)

When I went back to the tattoo /piercing studio to get my wrist tattoos done I asked the piercer about changing the bar for a small hoop and he said that he could do it but advised me to leave the original piercing in place for a bit longer in order to let it heal more fully on the inside.

As I am away at the end of Jan to Benidorm I decided to get it done this week to give it time to settle before then as I plan on swimming and stuff.

He offered me a choice of hoops and the horseshoe in different colours and sizes. In the end I decided to go with the horseshoe as it would be easier to clean and less likely to come apart.

I was a little bit nervous about changing it because the original piercing hurt so much and for quite a few days afterwards too! However there was no need - it was a little bit uncomfortable with a pinching sensation whilst he was taking the top ball off the bar - but when he removed it I didnt actually feel it - phew!

Threading the new jewellery into the hole was quick and pretty much painless as was attaching the ball.

Since having it done my ear feels a lot more comfortable and even though I didn't get it for vanity reasons I have to say it looks pretty cool now - before the jewellery was hidden from sight and couldnt really be seen because of the ear - now you can see the little balls and it looks cool :)

I chose it for my photo because I currently have horrendous toothache - literally it's making me feel sick and I can't even bear touching it! I need to get an emergency dental appointment tomorrow and I am terrified - yes the dentist scares the crap outta me! But like with the earring I think the fear of the pain will hopefully be worse than the pain itself and that I will feel a lot better once it's done!!!!

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