Thursday, 29 December 2016

An Update

Long time no entry :) so the last few weeks have been stupidly busy - I'll try to keep it brief :)

LeoCat - cat got sick - developed a large lump - paid out £200 or so on various vet bills and tests - lump went away by itself - cat back to normal - thanks cat for that - no seriously I am delighted he is well again I just wish he would not do this to me every time it's Christmas or I have a holiday to pay for!

Tattoos - one's fully healed the other is tking a lot longer - may or may not have had a slight reaction to the red ink - which is odd as it was fine on my ass! Next appointment booked for 2nd Feb - was going to get a Cheshire Cat - now I am not sure in case I am allergic to the red ink and the cat is rather pink - thinking of an Alice one instead

Holidays - booked for Orlando again - booked via Disney with my Disney tix and a good neighbour hotel as well - cost of around £600 per person without the flights(ouch) but it is for 3 weeks - flights out to be booked next month and return flights in Feb

Christmas - been and gone stupidly spoiled as always - thanks to family and friends for that :)

Comping - I haven't been doing any for a few weeks - time to recharge and rethink and so on - okay I admit I have done a few advent ones but have skipped lots of days

Works Xmas do - went well got drunk didnt completely embarrass myself although may have outted myself to the entire staff - oh well its not like I was hiding it!

Reviews - having some issues with amazon only allowing me to do like 5 reviews a day even though they are verified purchases - gah!!!

hmm let's see anything else?

Well had a couple of dates - they didnt go well - they were dumb and boring and I was probably creepy and weird haha - gonna try online dating but it's such a damn effort

Well thats it - all up to date with my rather boring life now :D

I have decided in the new year to -revamp the blog again and it's purpose :D Starting with a whats in my post blog of the week - I have let the recording of comp wins, freebies and reviews slide a bit so in order to stay on top I am going to do my mail/post of the week an I might even o it as a vlog - it depends on how much I can bear be on screen - also plan on doing more info on comping for newbies and updating my scam and spam info pages

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