Thursday, 15 June 2017

Positive Post :)

So my last blog post was a bit whingy -  okay a LOT whingy - Can I blame it on hormones? It was that time of the month and I was grumpy but I am over it now :)

Today I am feeling so much better about life in general. The last week I have been back at the gym I have done 3 sessions and I'm not lying I have forgotten what it feels like to move without pain! But it's  good pain in that it's an I'm aching because I have worked my damn ass off sort of pain! My ankle is a lot better - I still dont have full rotation, flexion or movement and stairs especially are still a struggle both going up and down reciprocally but it's getting there. I've  invested in a really good ankle support for the bad ankle and also a sports support for my good ankle.

I'm also feeling super positive about roller derby training too :) I still suck but there is improvement! I've finally done a few of the minimum skills, I'm not brilliant at stopping but I am better and I have finally started doing some contact too! I am chatting more to the others at the skate sessions and dont feel quite  so excluded. Today I totally worked through the whole personal space thing, I got way closer to sweaty people than I would ever have done before - there was sweaty skin on skin contact and I didnt freak out! Okay I did freak out but internally and coped with it all - even when the coach asked me if I wanted to sit out one of the activities I said no I'll try.

I've also put in for funding in work to complete my degree - my manager has been amazing and basically said she supports my application and she will support me to do this - she's  done OU herself and has even done 2 of the modules I want to do and has said she's willing to help me in anyway she can. I completed the funding form by myself and then passed it to my manager and the training manager to review - took on board their advice and made a couple of minor changes and its ready to go eep - if the funding gets agreed I'll know next month and then I'll be starting the degree in October. If it doesnt get agreed then I am going to ask for funding to do a welsh language course :)

I'm also putting in an application for  band 5 job, now I don't believe I will get this job but it shows that I am keen to progress - and hopefully I will get feedback to let me know how to improve for when another one comes up :)

Anyways thats what has been going on in my world :) Peace

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